Contest to Create a More Colorful Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner design, publisher of The Bar Code News has introduced a contest to inspire innovation in the data capture industry. In attempt to introduce a more colorful alternative to barcode scanners available in endless shades of grey, has opened up a competition to design a more functional and aesthetically pleasing scanner.

The contest appeals to the retail side of data collection, but perhaps more colorful and interesting designs will find their way into enterprise with enough popularity. Suggested designs include “thematic” scanners where the “beep” and design match the surrounding environment. For example, scanners could play music and feature certain artists within a music store or they could play sound bytes for films within a film retail store. They could be decorated with a Star Wars skin and play R2D2 or light saber sounds upon scanning within a toy store.

The concept would be comparable to the personalization available for mobile devices with interchangeable skins and ringtones or “scantones.” The contest ends tomorrow, Wednesday, August 29, at 10:37 a.m., so if you want to make a submission, you should hurry! The winner receives a $300 prize.


Author: Shannon Abiteboul

Hi, I'm Shannon and I am the Director of Marketing at DataGear®, Inc., an industrial data solutions company based in Santa Ana, CA. One of the great things about my job is that I get to run our company blog here and share information about us and the things we do. I also enjoy posting about marketing related news and business tips and so I try to incorporate them into our posts.


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