What Equipment is Needed For A Video Surveillance System

Equipment needed to setup a surveillance system

  • The Cameras: there are many different types of cameras to consider including fixed, PTZ, LPR and weatherized cameras.
  • The Camera Housing: dome housing or fixed housing
  • Power: decide the best way to power your cameras with solar energy, PoE or integrated power solutions
  • Monitors and/or Recorders
  • Connectivity and Network
  • Video Management Software
  • Accessories such as controllers, cables and connectors, illumination, and installation tools
  • Access Control including readers, controllers, software and call boxes

Transitioning from analog to IP video can seem daunting, but with IP cameras more affordable and easier to install and integrate into a network, now is a good time to consider a new system. If completely converting to a new surveillance system is neither logical nor affordable, hybrid systems make the transition feasible.

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Author: Shannon Abiteboul

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