The Motorola AP 6522 Access Point

AP6521 from MotorolaMotorola recently released the new AP 6522, a dual-radio and byod friendly access point well-equipped for the enterprise environment.

The new enterprise-class AP 6522 is 802.11n and ideal for modern networks that require a system that can handle bandwidth-heavy video and voice applications as well as BYOD devices. It serves as the perfect replacement for the legacy AP 5131 access point and it comes at a lower cost with more numerous hardware and software upgrade options.

The AP 6522 features Wing 5 intelligence, a dual-radio, direct forwarding, security, QoS and is built to survive tough environments. It has high transmit power and 24 access points can be manager without a controller.

  • Includes a Smart RF feature to optimize power and channel selection
  • Senses weak signals and moves users to alternate APs without interrupting the user's experience
  • Security with firewalls, gateways and access control

Turn your old Wing 4 devices into cash or credit for a new Wing 5 system. We keep an inventory of parts to help our customers with old systems that are no longer supported by the manufacturers, so if you would like to turn your old Wing 4 devices into credit towards a new system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Author: Shannon Abiteboul

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