Boost Employee Productivity in the Warehouse with These 4 Battery Usage Tips

Boost Employee Productivity in the Warehouse with These 4 Battery Usage Tips

Maximize your employees’ productivity by helping them keep their mobile devices up and running. Here are a few tips to improve battery life and use to keep your mobile devices in use and not in their charging cradles.

1. Keep 1 to 2 spare batteries charged for each device to avoid downtime. Label your batteries so that they’re easy to locate by your users.

2. Keep your batteries clean. Build-up on the battery contacts can cause issues both when the battery is in use and when it is charging. To maintain the best performance, gently clean the battery and device contacts regularly.

3. Don’t settle for cheap alternatives. While it may seem as though buying cheaper batteries will save you money, the total cost may be greater in the long run due to more frequent replacement costs. By investing in better quality batteries, you can be sure to get more life and longer use out of your batteries, and in result, lower long-term costs.

4. Track your battery purchases to replace them at the best time. You can keep track of your battery purchase by color coding and labeling them by purchase date. This allows you to replace them at the best time (about 18 months with average use and 12 months with high use). Tracking your batteries helps reduce downtime and avoids the loss of productivity that results.

5. Avoid memory effect. Memory effect is when a battery loses its ability to maintain a charge. You can read more about memory effect and how to avoid it here.

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Author: Shannon Abiteboul

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