The Easiest Way to Lower Your Label Printing Costs

Did you know that you can get free printheads for your Zebra printers?

Saving money on costly printhead replacements is easy when you use genuine Zebra labels and ribbons. Plus, your printer performs better, giving you high-quality, consistent and reliable results.

Enrollment is easy! Simply fill out the attached form and start ordering your printer supplies.

Still not sure?

Here are just a few of the benefits for taking part in this program:

  • Eliminate downtime due to inconsistent or poor print quality or scan issues
  • No unpredictable and costly printhead replacement costs
  • Convenience of a one-source supplier
  • Lower cost of operation and ownership
  • Selection of over 1,000 combinations of labels, ribbons, tags, receipts, and wristbands
  • Stock products or customizable options
  • Program automatically renews as long as you continue to purchase Zebra supplies

To learn more about Zebra printers and mobile print solutions, please visit our web site.


Author: Shannon Abiteboul

Hi, I'm Shannon and I am the Director of Marketing at DataGearĀ®, Inc., an industrial data solutions company based in Santa Ana, CA. One of the great things about my job is that I get to run our company blog here and share information about us and the things we do. I also enjoy posting about marketing related news and business tips and so I try to incorporate them into our posts.


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