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Motorola Enterprise Mobility Division (Symbol Technologies) is the leading manufacturer of barcode scanning and mobile data collection terminals. It is also an industry leader in wireless networks with its variety of wireless network options (WLAN and WWAN) for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Motorola (Symbol) line of barcode scanners offers both retailers and warehouse operators a wide selection of linear and 2D barcode scanning products to choose from. Motorola (Symbol) scanners include corded and cordless scanning as well as auto-ranging (short to long range) and omni-directional scanning.

  • Rugged Mobility Mobile computers and barcode scanners built to withstand harsh environments
  • Complete Solutions Motorola offers wireless and computing solutions suitable for a variety of applications
  • Easy Integration Motorola devices easily integrate into new and existing systems

Popular Mobile Terminals:

motorola mc9190 mobile computer handheld scanner


The MC9000 series are ruggedized handheld computers with WiFi, Bluetooth, and CDMA. Available as new and refurbished. The newest handheld in the series, the MC9190, is pictured to the left. Read more about the MC9000...
MC75 cellular mobile scanner with wifi


The MC75 is a rugged PDA with WiFi, cellular, and GPS capabilities. Excellent versatility for mobile computing requirements.
MC3000 data collection terminal


The MC3000 is a ruggedized Data Collection Terminal - Great value. Available as new and refurbished. The MC3190 is pictured to the left with the pistol grip option and handheld option with a card reader. Read more about the MC3000...
VC5090 vehicle computer


The VC5090 is an industrial vehicle computer with a full screen at a reasonable cost. Available as a full screen or half screen and as new or refurbished.
ET1 Enterprise Tablet

ET1 Enterprise Tablet

The ET1 Enterprise Tablet is a sleek and durable tablet that provides users with the security and flexibility required in today's mobile computing. This "sleek yet sturdy" tablet is built for all-day use and has easily changeable batteries so you can work uninterrupted. It is easy to use, integrates into existing systems effortlessly, and has multi-user capabilities.

Popular Mobile Scanners:


The LS3408ER is a ruggedized auto-ranging scanner .25" - 25' scan range.
LS3408ER scanner


The LS2208 is a general purpose reliable laser scanner. Great value.
LS2208 scanner


The LS9208 is an omni-directional handheld or hands free laser scanner.
LS9208 scanner


The LS378 is a rugged cordless scanner. Models available for hard to read barcodes or auto-ranging (.25" to 45').


Seven foot cable and power supply
LS3578 scanner

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